Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

I love it when a plan comes together!!!

A A valet guy, a baseball player and a monk sit down by the fire and .........
The A-Team without Face (above)

Katie, her sisters and brother (above)
me and katie (left)

I know its a little late to post about our Halloween Party, but here we go. Thanks so much for everyone who came over a few weeks ago for our 5th annual Halloween Party. As you can see everyone got into the spirit with crazy costumes. A lot of fun was had by all and some people whos names will not be identified had a little too much fun. Any way thanks again and next year we'll do it all over again, with the crazy costumes, weird hair cuts and little crazy dogs dressed up like ruff-a-rees.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does Diesel need a playmate??

Steve says that we need to get another dog. He thinks that Diesel needs a playmate. I can't see why!!
For the past few weeks, Diesel has become very friendly with a few stuffed animals in the house. It started with the lab puppies. He would climb on our bed, grab the puppy and run, thrashing it around. (yes I do sleep with stuffed animals. I need something to cuddle with). When I decided I didn't want him doing that anymore, I found the bear. After the first day, Diesel had ripped the clothing off (let's hope it's a girl bear) and bit the nose off. Now it's just his girlfriend. So I really don't see why Diesel needs another playmate. He's perfectly content with the stuffed ones.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Diesel and his cousin Nala

My parents came over on Friday for my mom's birthday. They were dogsitting for my sister's dog cuz they were in NY. Don't realize how little Diesel is (or how big Nala is until they are next to each other.) They played a little, but I think Diesel just annoys her. Gotta love the couch picture with everyone just relaxing. Had a lot of dog hair to vacuum up the next day.

We're going on a poop hunt...

We had a few friends over, including a playmate for Diesel (Fozzie) on Saturday. Did the usual of chit chatting, ate pizza, kids played together. Well then Andrew stepped in some doggie do-do. Don't know which doggie left us a present, but it needed to be cleaned up. Uncle Steve had to take his flashlight and pooper scooper and go on a hunt. As you can see, the kids thought this was a fabulous idea and decided to join him. This lasted at least 10 to 15 minutes. The kids wanted to play with the flashlight the rest of the night.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Something New fo Ya'll

We went camping last week for vacation and Diesel had so much fun. We also had a good time. We started in St. Ignace just over the Big Mac Bridge (mmmmm big mac) for a few days then we went down to Manistee and met up with katies family and camped for another 4 days. We had lots of fun, Diesel went into the water for the first time, he did not like it so much. I went Salmon fishing out on Lake Mi. that was cool, I got to fish, one about 15 lbs and one around 10 lbs. There were some boring times on the boat and time where we fell asleep because we got up at 4am, on the boat at 4:45, in the lake at 5am and did not dock until 12 noon. Littel bit tired the rest of the day. We both love to camp and so it was a great vacation and great to be albe to bring knuckelhead.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Guard dog. Right!

We decided to get new bedroom blinds. Not our decision but Diesel's idea. My mom came over to let him out last Friday and when she left, she did not lock the cage the right way and stinky got out and spent the afternoon by himself until daddy came home. He met me at the back door and to my suprise the house was untouched. That is until I went into our bedroom. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case also worth about $200. Sweet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Start 'em Early

It seems that Diesel already likes Sammy Hagar and is ready to party. For those of you who don't know, Diesel is a 6 month old Black Lab mix with (we think) Greyhound. We got him back in early May through the rescue thing they had at the zoo. It was either him or a Tiger. Katie voted him and I lost. Big surprise. Any way he is our new baby boy and is a complete pain in the butt, but he does have a lot of fun qualities. If any body's lawn mower goes dead let me know I will send Diesel over to eat it all. Its his favorite.

Your all in for it now!!!!

Well I finally decided to do this blog thing. I needed something to do in the afternoon when the dog is not wanting me to play catch and throw with the ball or any toy he has. He's like a crack head with that game. So now its my turn to post stuff on this here inter web thing to keep everyone updated on the insanity we call home.

That's all for now, you all have been warned!!!

We'll be watching for thing to post!!