Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does Diesel need a playmate??

Steve says that we need to get another dog. He thinks that Diesel needs a playmate. I can't see why!!
For the past few weeks, Diesel has become very friendly with a few stuffed animals in the house. It started with the lab puppies. He would climb on our bed, grab the puppy and run, thrashing it around. (yes I do sleep with stuffed animals. I need something to cuddle with). When I decided I didn't want him doing that anymore, I found the bear. After the first day, Diesel had ripped the clothing off (let's hope it's a girl bear) and bit the nose off. Now it's just his girlfriend. So I really don't see why Diesel needs another playmate. He's perfectly content with the stuffed ones.


Felosak Family said...

He looks so cute in all the stuffed animals!

Kim Cervone said...

Detroit Zoo has an adoption event this weekend. It is a tough decision. I wouldhave antoher one in a second if I knew I could trust him. xo